Tuesday Deals at Sam Bucco

Tuesday's Delivery and Pick-Up Deals

We here at Sam Bucco hope everyone is staying healthy and keeping their spirits up through this difficult time. We can't thank our amazing clientele enough for helping us have a surprisingly busy weekend, and we're hoping to continue the momentum through this week. With that said, here is our offering for tonight (Tuesday 3/24).

50% OFF ALL WINE BOTTLES! Available for pick up and delivery.

Because delivery has been so busy and, unlike a pizza restaurant we don't have 3-4 people to deliver, we have to put a minimum of $50 on all deliveries. There is a way around this rule. Collect multiple orders from friends and neighbors to be delivered at the same time, and we will waive the minimum. With 10 entrees or more we'll give you a 20% discount on the food. Pay with cash and get an extra 5% off.

For those doing takeout, we will give you the same 20% off, no minimum required. Pay with cash and get an additional 5% off. Spend $50 or more, after the discount, and get a free bottle of wine, under $40, from the list below! Don't like those choices? Upgrade to any wine for the difference in price .

For deliveries, it's better if you get your order in earlier to try and accommodate the time you would prefer. For pick up, call us anytime until 6 pm. We may extend that if need be so don't hesitate to try. Remember delivery is free so don't forget to tip your driver (all drivers are Sam Bucco employees, not from a third party). We pool these tips to help all staff during this difficult time.

Call 239-592-6050 to place your order, and leave your name, phone number and order. We'll call you back to confirm, get your payment and your address. Or shoot us an email to [email protected] and leave your phone number and we will call you back.

Check out our Dinner Menu and view our Wine List

Thank you for supporting us at Sam Bucco. Our staff and ownership really appreciate your help!

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