We're Still Taking Orders Till 6:00PM

We're Open and We're Delivering!

In an earlier email we had mentioned we needed orders to be placed before noon. Well we just wanted to let you know we are open tonight Sunday March 22nd, 2020 and you can order up until 6:00pm.

We're offering something most places in town won't match...free delivery by us (not one of the third-party services). This means you can trust the supply chain - it's coming right from our kitchen to your door. Plus, we are able to deliver beer & wine, meaning we can take care of your entire dinner order with one call.

Here's our offering tonight. Call us with you order and for every $50 dollars you spend we'll give you a bottle of wine from our wine list up to $50! Want to upgrade your wine? No problem. Just let us know what you want and you'll only be charged the difference. Now that's a fun deal! When you call 239-592-6050, you might get our voicemail, so leave your name, phone number and order, and we'll call you back to confirm, get your payment and your address.

Enjoy a great meal, at home, without leaving your front door. Check out our Dinner Menu and view our Wine List

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