We like to believe anything is Pasta-ble

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Without further delay, let's talk Pasta!

This Week's Feature - Pasta, Pasta & More Pasta

There’s just something about pasta. Maybe it’s the simplicity that makes it so elegant, but there’s few things I like more than sitting down in front of a bowl of fresh pasta topped with a perfect sauce and a little shaved parmesan.

While noodles existed in Asia long before they came to Italy, the Italians began experimenting with different sauce types, incorporating fresh ingredients and textures that most appropriately accompanied each particular pasta shape. Thinner sauces like Marinara or Pomodoro do well with pasta like rotini or rigatoni that have crevices to catch the sauce, while thicker sauces like Bolognese or Alfredo pair nicely with straight noodles like spaghetti or fettucine.

Not that there’s any rules you need to follow, but you want to make sure you have the opportunity to eat up all the delicious sauce in your bowl. Of course, you can always soak it up with a nice piece of fresh-made bread!

Maybe my favorite thing about pasta is you could literally eat it every day for months – maybe a year – without duplicating a single dish. It’s so versatile and has endless options.

A quick look at our menu reveals more than 30 pasta possibilities, and that doesn’t even factor in all the imaginative creations available by mixing and matching pasta types, sauces and add-ons on our Create Your Own Pasta menu.

Whatever your style of pasta, favorite sauce or essential add-ons, we have something you’ll enjoy. Come on in and order a bowl today!

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