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He Gets Soup, She Gets Soup, We ALL GET SOUP! (Or Salad)

Have you ever kicked off your meal at Sam Bucco with our Soup of the Day, or our Caesar or House salad?

If you haven't we're giving you the chance to give one of them a try this Sunday, prior to your meal. For every entree ordered off the regular menu this Sunday (April 14), we'll start things off with your choice of our Soup of the Day or a Caesar or House salad.

It's one more way we can thank you for a wonderful first season here at the Bistro! Make your reservations here to come see us, or call us at (239) 592-6050!

We like to believe anything is Pasta-ble

Good morning friends of Sam Bucco! What a gorgeous week it's been, and more perfect weather is on the way!

I can't believe I'm saying this, but we're wrapping up the month of March this week, and Easter is only three weeks from Sunday. Thank you all again for your support through this season. We're looking forward to more exciting things to come through the summer and will be excited to share that information with you soon.

Prime Rib Sundays!

Prime Rib

Starting on 02/24/2019, we are introducing Prime Rib Sundays! Enjoy a succulent 12-ounce cut of Chairman's Reserve Prime Rib served with au jus, our housemade scalloped potatoes and vegetable of the day for $23.95.

Due to the slow roast cooking method and hours of preparation for this dish, we are requiring reservations and advance orders for anyone that would like this dish.

Call us at (239) 592-6050 and let us know how many orders to reserve for your table!

Come enjoy one of the best pieces of Prime Rib you've ever tasted.

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